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I’m Ryan, an award-winning personal trainer in Coventry with over 12 years of experience helping clients reach their fitness potential. As a certified personal trainer and bodybuilder with proven competition success, I offer fully customized fitness plans to help you crush your goals.

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Ryan Watts, Personal Trainer in CoventryWith over 12 years of personal training experience in Coventry, dozens of transformation success stories, and an award-winning competition history, you can trust me to help you attain your fitness goals.

As your personal trainer, I take the time to understand your wellness objectives, health history, limitations, and lifestyle to craft a customised plan for you to succeed. My training style strikes the perfect balance between appropriately challenging you and keeping things enjoyable.

I motivate people from all walks of life – from working professionals, to retirees, to competitive athletes. My versatile approach helps anyone seeking fitness results and improved health.

When you train with me, you gain more than just workouts. You gain education to help you make informed lifestyle choices. You gain accountability from someone invested in your progress. And you gain the satisfaction of achieving things you didn’t know were possible.

My commitment extends beyond our training sessions. I provide check-ins between appointments, support through motivation or nutrition adjustments when needed, and a judgement-free space to discuss your fitness journey.

Investing in a personal trainer produces results. But more importantly, working one-on-one with a knowledgeable professional prevents injury, optimizes your time, and builds lifelong healthy habits.

If you’re ready to transform your health with expert guidance tailored to your unique needs, let’s chat about how we can reach your potential together.

My Credentials & Experience

✔️Award-Winning Bodybuilder: As an experienced bodybuilder, I’ve continuously competed at regional and national levels. This dedication shows my commitment to practising what I preach regarding health and fitness. I live the lifestyle I teach.

✔️Certified Personal Trainer with 12+ Years Experience: I have over a decade of experience coaching clients to their ideal physique. In that time, I’ve worked with over 60 clients, mastered training techniques to suit different goals, studied sports science research, and learned how to craft safe, strategic programs.

✔️Specialise in Custom Nutrition Planning: Proper nutrition is essential in any fitness journey. For over 12 years I’ve created tailored meal plans based on each individual’s dietary needs, goals, food preferences and more. This custom approach ensures your nutrition fuels your unique body properly.

✔️Design Realistic, Sustainable Programs: Fad diets produce short-term results. I structure science-backed lifestyle changes suited for your situation to promote lasting success. This helps you form healthy fitness habits with realistic expectations, so you see gradual improvement over months and years without extreme changes.

✔️Train All Fitness Levels: Over my career, I’ve helped absolute beginners safely start their fitness journey to advanced athletes seeking to go pro. I personalize our training whether you’re stepping into the gym for the first time or preparing for a competitive event.

✔️Passion for Improving Health: Your success isn’t just my job – it’s my purpose and passion. I wholeheartedly believe an active lifestyle unlocks happier, fulfilling lives. I invest myself fully into helping you reach your potential because your progress fuels the work I love doing.

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Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your training to the next level, I’m eager to guide you every step of the way. As an experienced and passionate personal trainer in Coventry, I’ll work closely with you to create lasting results. Together, we’ll achieve your full potential in a supportive and motivating environment.